7 Common Causes of Power Outages and How a Backup Generator Saves the Day


Point blank: power outages are frustrating, disruptive, and even dangerous. Understanding the root causes of these outages can help us better prepare for them. In this post, we’ll explore the top seven reasons that cause the power to go out and how a backup generator can be a lifesaver during these challenging times. Let’s dive in!

The Top 7 Causes of Power Outages


7 Common Causes of Power Outages. Severe Weather & Natural Disasters. Accidents near power lines. Equipment failure. Wildlife interference. Fallen trees. Cyberattacks. High energy demand.

#1 Severe Weather and Natural Disasters

Mother Nature can be relentless. causing severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes. These natural disasters often result in power outages due to damaged power lines, fallen trees, or flooding. When the main power grid fails, a backup generator can kick in, providing electricity to keep essential appliances and systems running.

#2 Accidents Near Power Lines

Accidents, such as vehicle collisions or construction mishaps near power lines, can lead to power outages. When a power line is damaged or severed, electricity flow is interrupted. Having a backup generator ensures that you have a reliable source of power until the main power supply is restored.

#3 Fallen Trees

Trees can topple over during storms or high winds, bringing down power lines and causing localized power outages in the process. With a backup generator, you can maintain power for critical devices and maintain a comfortable living environment until the utility company resolves the issue.

#4 Wildlife Interference

Believe it or not, wildlife often disrupts the power supply. Squirrels, birds, or other animals encounter power lines, transformers, or substations, causing short circuits and power outages. While it may seem unusual, having a backup generator ensures that you won’t be left in the dark due to unexpected critter activity.

#5 High Energy Demand

During peak usage periods, like sweltering summer days or frosty winter nights, the demand for electricity skyrockets. This surge in energy consumption can strain the power grid and result in rolling blackouts or brownouts. A backup generator provides a reliable power source, so you can continue your daily activities without disruption.

#6 Equipment Failures

Power outages also occur due to equipment failures in the electrical infrastructure. Transformers, circuit breakers, or other components malfunction on occasion, causing interruptions in the power supply. A backup generator acts as a safety net, supplying electricity to keep your home or business running smoothly during such instances.

#7 Cyberattacks

In today’s interconnected world, cyberattacks pose a significant threat to power grids. Malicious actors target the systems of utility companies, disrupting the normal functioning of the electrical infrastructure. While cybersecurity measures are continually improving, having a backup generator offers an additional layer of protection against power outages caused by cyber threats.

Backup Generators Keep You Moving

A backup generator is a reliable solution to keep your home or business humming during power outages. Read on to learn more about the benefits!

Uninterrupted Power Supply

With a backup generator, you can have a continuous supply of electricity, ensuring that essential appliances, medical equipment, and security systems remain operational.

Business Continuity

For businesses, power outages can result in financial losses and disrupted operations. A generator enables you to maintain productivity, serve customers, and prevent data loss during these challenging times.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have a backup power source offers peace of mind during severe weather events or unforeseen circumstances. You can rest easy, knowing that your daily routines won’t be severely affected by power outages.

Say Goodbye to Power Outages with GenerRage

Power outages occur due to a variety of reasons. From severe weather to equipment failures and cyberattacks, it’s good to be prepared when the unexpected strikes. A backup generator offers an automatic and reliable power supply for your home or business—no matter what.

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