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We power your life through all the storms.

GenerRage Generators takes care of every step throughout your home generator installation and will maintain it with annual service.

We’re proud to be locally owned and operated, so we can hire familiar faces you can trust.

If your home or business is located in Wilmington, NC or surrounding areas, you understand how much a power outage can significantly impact your daily life, especially in the event of a hurricane. Consider installing a generator if you are concerned about how power outages can affect your home or business.

The expert team at GenerRage Generators has years of experience and will provide the ideal generator to fit all your needs.

GenerRage Generators

When the lights go off, GenerRage turns on.

Don't be caught off guard by the next power outage.

Let the professionals at GenerRage Generators help.

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We’re here to keep the lights on during those unpredictable moments!

  • We work with you to determine your backup power needs
  • Help you select the right generator
  • Our technicians apply for all permits
  • Perform initial site work
  • Install the concrete generator pad
  • Anchor the generator safely and securely to the pad
  • Connect the generator to a fuel supply
  • Install the automatic switch
  • Wire the generator and all system controls
  • Test the system with you and activate the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Offer annual service to keep the generator in excellent working condition

Backup is here! You’re in good hands with GenerRage Generators.

We are a local certified GENERAC dealer

GENERAC manufactures the nation’s #1 leading generator.

We are an exclusive dealer of Generac Generators, the leader in backup power generation for your whole home. As a locally owned and operated business, we are familiar with the local ordinances and zoning laws and the topography and regional weather.

If you are in a flood zone and your generator needs to be raised, we can accommodate that. No matter what your specific situation requires, we always follow local zoning laws and coordinate with local gas and power companies.

GenerRage Generators

Remarkable Customer Service

Our team excels at providing quick response times and friendly customer service. We offer complete backup generator services and can install and maintain the generators we sell.

If your generator needs repairs or routine maintenance, we will quickly take care of it so you know you are prepared for any unexpected outages.

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You can count on us to help you find the perfect generator for your home.